Hello. I promised you a CV, and a CV you shall see. Vee. But here’s the headline bits.

I’m a PhD candidate at the University of Glasgow, researching Virginia Woolf, and how she uses her novels and essays to theorise institutional power. To do so, I’m reading her alongside Continental philosophers including Deleuze and Guattari, Rancière, and Foucault. My thesis uses the frameworks established by these philosophers to examine how Woolf critiques institutional power, but also to ask what lines of flight she draws out of institutional power, and what other ways of living she dares to imagine.

My work has also taken me into Woolf’s voluminous archives, examining her first drafts and unpublished essays.

I’m a contributor for Year’s Work in English Studies from 2019 onwards, and I helped organise the two-day Theory Now symposium at Glasgow in March 2019. My research is funded by the University of Glasgow’s College of Arts.

Anyway, here’s all that and more, in a handy downloadable .PDF: